Sutla Collagen with Multi-fruit Soap

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Trust the healing benefits of collagen mixed with these various fruits in this mild and gentle soap:

Ѽ Green Apple
Ѽ Guava
Ѽ Honey Dew
Ѽ Pineapple
Ѽ Strawberry
Ѽ Lemon
Ѽ Blueberry
Ѽ Grapes

Formulated for super sensitive skin, this soap effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin look younger. With this soap, you can also say goodbye to pimples, hemorrhoids, and other skin disorders.

✓ FDA Approved! (FDA NN: 20130920091956)
✓ With Halal seal!
✓ No mercury!
✓ No animal fat!

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